Why seek votes from both parties?

Like any other candidate for the Democratic nomination, I will ask Democrats to vote for me because I have a plan for accomplishing their goals.

But Democrats have another reason to support me that is less conventional: Democrats should choose me over other candidates because I can win votes from Republicans and Independents.  The 8th District is a Republican district and it has been won by Republicans in every election since 2000.  The only way for a Democrat to be victorious in November is to win over at least 15 percent of the votes that Mike Rogers received in 2012.

I can do that because I am a moderate who strives to accomplish Democratic objectives and Republican objectives at the same time.  A major priority of my campaign is to show Republicans that I can accomplish THEIR goals better than any of the Republican candidates.   For example:

Having my support split between two parties will be a disadvantage in the August primary, but it should become an advantage in the November general election.  A moderate can prevail in a two-way race against a strong conservative candidate by combining support from Democrats with support from Republicans and Independents who do not normally vote for Democratic candidates.  

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